IPS e.max® CAD

IPS e.max® CAD is an innovative lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (LS 2) block for the CAD / CAM technology.

IPS e.max® CAD is used for the efficient production of aesthetic, high-strength single-tooth restorations, such as veneers, inlays, partial crowns and crowns. In combination with IPS e.max ZirCAD® (ZrO2) new up to 4-unit posterior bridges can be produced with outstanding overall strength by applying the innovative IPS e.max® CAD-on technique. The IPS e.max® CAD lithium disilicate (LS 2) glass-ceramic is “soft” in an intermediate stage process, in which the material shows its characteristic and striking bluish color. Thus, even manual adaptations or a cut-back can quickly and efficiently carry out and control the fit. What follows is the easier and faster crystallization process (approx. 20 min), in which the material reaches its final strength of 360 MPa and the desired esthetic properties such as tooth color, translucency and brightness. IPS e.max® CAD can either be fully anatomically or as a scaffold (Veneering with IPS e.max® Ceram) are used.

HT-blocks (High Translucency)

The HT blocks are available in 16 AD and 4 Bleach BL shades in 2 sizes (I 12, C 14) available. They are due to their high translucency, ideally suited for the grinding of smaller restorations (e.g. inlays and onlays). Restorations made of HT blocks convince nature chameleon effect and an exceptional adaptation to the remaining tooth structure.

LT-blocks (Low Translucency)

The LT blocks are available in 16 AD and 4 Bleach BL shades in 2 sizes (I12, C14) available. They are ideal because of their low translucency for the fabrication of partial crowns and single crowns in the application of the cut-back technique, but also for the suitable technique. By the final layering with IPS e.max® Ceram Essence and Shade the natural aesthetics can be maximized.

MO blocks (Medium Opacity)

The MO blocks are available in 5 group shades (MO 0 – MO 4) available in one size (C 14). They are ideally indicated for the fabrication of frameworks on vital or slightly discolored preparations due to their opacity. The anatomical shape is subsequently individually layered using IPS e.max® Ceram.

Impulse blocks (Value, Opal)

The new Impulse blocks are available in three Value (Value 1, 2, 3) and two opal hues (Opal 1, 2). They are used mainly for the production of thin veneers, veneers, partial and single crowns.


  • Solemnity (360 MPa) and high aesthetic
  • Efficient, economical processing due to easy grinding
  • Minimally invasive restorations
  • Three levels of translucency for maximum flexibility
  • A day to the final posterior bridge with outstanding overall strength
  • Depending on the indication: adhesive, self-adhesive or conventional cementation


  • (Thin) veneers
  • Minimally invasive inlays / onlays (1mm)
  • Partial and full crowns
  • 3 – to 4-unit bridges (IPS e.max® CAD-on technique)
  • Implant superstructures

The IPS e.max® Ivoclar®

What e.max CAD block should I use?

Selection of the appropriate block is based on the following criteria:

1. Desired tooth color
2. Shade or abutment shade
3. Of restoration
4. Restoration thickness or depth preparation
5. Processing technique (staining, cut-back, layering technique)
6. Fixing material

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