360SDM Dental Milling Center

Technology and milling center for zircon, IPS Maxie® CAD, LAVA™ Ultimate, VITA® materials, PMMA temporaries, custom abutments, implant bridges, model casting, models, surgical guides.

360 SDM is a technology and CAD/CAM milling center for dental laboratories and dentists with practice labs. We provide our customers with professional milling results from the following materials; zircon, IPS e.max® CAD, 3M™ ESPE™ LAVA™ Ultimate, VITA ENAMIC®, PMMA, CoCr and titanium. We mill copings, frameworks, anatomical, anatomically reduced crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers, primary components (telescope), implant works (individual abutments and direct restorations), drilling templates and models. 360 SDM processes and manufactures for both analog and scan data from different manufacturers across the world.

360SDM Lab Slip

360 SDM Lab Slip.pdf

360 SDM Custom Abutment Lab Slip

360 SDM Custom Abutment Lab Slip.pdf

Implant Bar RX 360 SDM

Implant Bar RX 360SDM.pdf
360SDM Dental Milling Center is a dental milling center for dental laboratories (USA), offering unrivaled milling quality for its customers at a fair price-performance ratio: zircon milling center, CAD/CAM dental milling, milling center e.max®, dental scanner, CAD/CAM abutment tooth colored PMMA, IPS e.max® CAD, 7Series scanner, 3Series scanner, dental CAD software, Dental Wings Scanner, Dental Wings Software, DWOS.