DWOS Model Builder

DWOS™ Model Builder

DWOS™ model builder meets the requirements associated with intra-oral and impression scans. It offers a unique opportunity for laboratories to replace their current manual model-making processes with the equivalent digital creation. Physical articulated models with cut, pinned and ditched dies can be mass-produced with themanufacturing process of choice.

Several types of models are available: Geller, hollowed or offset (with uniform thickness).

The following is an outline of the procedure:

  • Scan or import scan files. (both arches if available)
  • Virtually clean or eliminate unnecessary scan surfaces and repair any imperfections (e.g. filling holes)
  • Generate watertight models. (upper and lower)
  • Define margin on dies.
  • Virtually ditch the dies, cut them and generate keyed pins.
  • Define and generate a single or dual pinned articulator. Vertex articulator slots can also be generated at both ends of the model if desired.


Model Builder Workflows For Implant Cases

After importing an intra-oral or impression scan of an implant case, DWOS™ model builder enables precise repositioning of the implant locator. It will then create a precisely localized hole in order for the analog to be easily snapped into the 3D printed model. Also, a removable gingival area can be defined so that a separate manufacturing file is generated for it.

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