DWOS Partial Framework

DWOS™ Partial Frameworks

DWOS™ Partial Frameworks application provides intuitive design tools that transfer a dental technician’s know-how into a digital environment. End results are simply amazing. Highly accurate partial frameworks are designed in less than 10 minutes, ensuring significant savings in both time and materials.

With data originating from any open 3D scanner, DWOS™ provides an intuitive virtual approach that streamlines the traditional steps of frameworks creation:

  • Definition of path of insertion with the assistance of real-time undercut measurement
  • Automatic block out of undercuts for better retention and insertion
  • Palatal plate outline or inferior bar from preset preferences
  • Clasp design using preset preferences with the freedom to adjust them in real time
  • Ability to freeform draw retention grids and acrylic finish lines
  • Connector design and occlusal rest with automatic occlusion adaptation with opposing model
  • Pin addition for artificial teeth
  • Attachment addition
  • Casting support bars

Fully Integrated With Crown & Bridge Application For Advanced Combined Designs

The Partial Frameworks and the Crown & Bridge applications are designed for total integration, ushering in a new era of combined prosthesis design with digital data exchanges and attachment axes management. The integration between the two modules allows the technician to combine the simultaneous design of the removable and fixed restoration with ease.

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