DWOS Virtual Articulator

DWOS™ Virtual Articulator

A design session within DWOS™ can be enhanced with our virtual articulator. The precise occlusion simulation significantly reduces the time required for chairside occlusion adjustments, facilitating the overall in-mouth seating procedure.

Our virtual articulator improves the dental prosthesis design by adding kinematic analysis to the static design process. It highlights the occlusion contact zones and automatically proposes the required prosthesis design modifications.

The software simulates the complex movements of the lower jaw, by conducting a review of the movements in protrusion, retrusion, lateral and immediate side shift. Subsequently, a high-performance collision detection algorithm for dynamic calculation of the occlusal surfaces is applied.

    1. The models are mounted on the articulator and aligned and then placed on the digitization and creation of a virtual clinical case in the Dental Wings scanner. Special holders enable the proper transfer of the bite registration from the articulator in the scanner and vice versa.


  1. After the virtual simulation of jaw movements in the relevant clinical case, the software shows the occlusal contact points and automatically suggests the necessary changes to the prosthetic design.

Perfect Occlusal Simulation

The virtual articulator can optimize the prosthetic design. The precise occlusal simulation reduces the time for Okklusionsanpassungen would be required in practice, and thus facilitates the incorporation. The virtual articulator improves the restoration design by a kinematic analysis in the static design process. The occlusions are shown and automatically suggested the necessary corrections of the restoration.

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